After School Programs

After School

We have partnered with Merrill Middle School in Denver to bring Taekwondo to the students as an after school program, and we can also partner up with yours! Students will learn Traditional Forms, Olympic Style Sparring, Grappling, and a variety of kicking and hand techniques. Additionally, students will spend one day a week learning Korean vocabulary and writing essays on the word of the month.

Students will test for their next belt at least once per trimester and students who begin the class in the 6th grade and stay with it for three years have an opportunity to earn their Black Belt.

Currently the program at Merrill is in its second year and we have students who are Green Belts and considering their Black Belt commitments. This program is unique in that it runs during the school day, but we also offer afterschool programs so that more students have the opportunity to participate. We aren’t limited to just middle schools, we also offer elementary school programs as well. All we need is a gym, cafeteria or even an empty classroom.

Please contact Instructor LaRon at 720-248-8531 for more information.


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